Batignolles, Villiers – 4 appartments

The Batignolles village is a lively area where local residents push their strollers between restaurants, bars and trendy shops. Not far from the pretty Square Napoleon III, the new Martin Luther King Park is an example of the recent transformation in this district. A cinema, a low energy building, new public infrastructure… and the new Courthouse is part of this spirit of renewal. This former village for country homes and small farmers has been transformed but the charm maintained.

Go up rue Legendre to the small tree lined square of Doctor-Félix-Lobligeois to rest in the sun on the terrace surrounded by low buildings. At one time, Stéphane Mallarmé gathered all the intelligentsia here and Verlaine lived at 45 rue Lemercier. A little further, the Cité des Fleurs invites you to a beautiful tree lined street, where a variety of beautiful architectural styles have mingled since 1847. For example, rue de Lévis, near the metro Villiers. It has kept all its picturesque of yesteryear and is lined with small fruit, vegetable or flower shops of fruits. Note that at No. 8, Louise Michel, Victor Hugo and Gambetta once met regularly.

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