Montparnasse, Plaisance, Montsouris, Port Royal – 5 appartments

Theatres, workshops, museums… This district has retained all its artistic effervescence. The Montparnasse district was named by students in reference to Mount Parnassus, the residence of the Greek mythological muses. It was later the scene of the intellectual and artistic fever that was the Roaring Twenties. The Montparnasse district then became home for artists such as Pablo Picasso, Guillaume Apollinaire or Ernest Hemingway.

Today, it is still the heart of Parisian dramatic arts with theaters such as the Montparnasse Theater, Bobino, the Gaîté Montparnasse or the Rive Gauche Theater. Following the inner ring road, an old railway line that once circled Paris, you will pass through the Plaisance district before joining the Petit Montrouge. Rows of architectural houses, pretty small buildings, redeveloped town houses, the villas of the district offer a wide variety of Art Nouveau and Art Deco facades. The vast glass panels of the Villa d’Alésia mark the presence of former artist and craftsman workshops, the last traces of an industrial past. After this beautiful walk, take a rest in comfortable spot in the 15 hectare Montsouris park.

This English garden shows many characteristics of a typical Haussmannian park: fake wood ramps, waterfalls and caves, intimate nooks and crannies and high viewpoints. Come here to admire the yellow Chestnut trees and Ginkgo biloba, and the 27 species of ornamental waterfowl. A getaway not to be missed!

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