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We are a rental agency for furnished apartments in Paris, for short-term or longer stays. We work in partnership with companies in order to develop the best rental offer.

Numerous extra services are provided with the aim to make your stay in Paris the most comfortable. All our furnished apartments are selected with the greatest care in order to best satisfy our clients’ needs.

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Our story


Parisian Home was created in 1998


Gaëlle Rigou bought Parisian Home and scaled up the agency with an intense pace of business


Parisian Home Concept was created with the extra ‘sales and interior design’ expertise


Creation of a specific service for professionals


Parisian Home expanded by integrating the agency PA Location


A new acquisition : The agency À la carte Paris joined us

Parisian Home was created in 1998.  In 2000, Gaëlle Rigou bought Parisian Home and scaled up the agency with an intense business pace. Today the agency manages over 250 apartments across the most attractive neighbourhoods in Paris. Led today by Gaëlle Rigou, the company employs 10 people. Cosmopolitan, this dynamic team takes care of client comfort and satisfaction, providing the best welcome and personalised services.

The agency has a office open to all in the lively neighbourhood, situated in the heart of the 11th Arrondissement of Paris. Constantly growing, PARISIAN HOME’s turnover reached 1,5 million Euros in 2004.   

Our vision

At PARISIAN HOME, we are not content with just putting our clients in touch, we represent the tenants and the owners and act as intermediaries to ensure the most beneficial outcome for both. The sole contact for our clients, we ensure them a ‘ready to go’ service, to make their stay in Paris a unique experience. PARISIAN HOME’s sensitivity to history steers us towards higher standards for both the buildings and locations of our properties, whilst we continue to propose diverse atmospheres and styles typical of each quarter of the capital.

All the apartments we offer are situated in quarters that we know well, our staff visit them regularly, observing even the smallest details. Our human sized team, that thrives on a spirit of excellence, is at your disposal to make the most of your stay. When you contact us you will receive a warm and friendly welcome. Whether you choose to send us a message via the internet, or come to see us in our office, we will do everything to make life simple for you…with reactivity and good humour.  

Our Team

GAELLE scaled

Gaëlle Rigou


To be worthy of the trust our owners place in us, to offer services that meet the needs of our tenants, to develop a healthy company, to care about our partners’ wellbeing…These are my job priorities. Long distance vision is key to anticipate changes and steer the strategy forward.

Corinne Vassalo

Assistant Director

Gaëlle Rigou’s deputy, I am a real ‘one band woman’. I am interested in all aspects of the general operations, and I specifically manage the “owners” and “transaction” departments.

Claire Pradalier

IT Manager

I keep the heart of the reactor: our computer system, in good shape.

Antoine Lemonnier

Property Manager

I’m a professional juggler! Or maybe the cog in the wheel between client and owner. I create comfort for the former and peace for the latter. My job is to find solutions to any problem…or to complete mission impossible!

Danielle Topize


Housekeeper for Parisian Home, I manage the cleaning teams. I am therefore responsible for the cleanliness of the apartments and the quality of service provided by Parisian Home.

Alexia Batoula

Alexia Batoula

Management assistant

I’m a work/study program employee with Parisian Home. Under the guiding hand of the management team, I manage the administration for both staff and company.

Maxime Bourgouin

Maxime Bourgouin

Owner and Maintenance Department Assistant

In my work/study program, I navigate between the “Owner” department and the “Maintenance” Department. My mission : to provide answers to owners about their properties and their tenants. This brings me to work with everyone in the team, and especially with the Maintenance team. Effectively, it is this team that coordinates repairs and works and resolves any technical issues in our rented homes.

Romain Delsol

Romain Delsol

Maintenance agent

I make sure that the living environment runs smoothly. Available at any time, I will not hesitate to help you. I am the intermediary between the client and the owner in order to find solutions to technical problems and to ensure the comfort and durability of the apartments.

Nacera Abrouche Zara


I maintain and clean the apartments to make sure our guests always feel at home. Every good stay starts with a warm welcome.




Like Nacera, I ensure that the flats are clean and tidy in order to optimise the Parisian experience for our clients. I am committed to providing a healthy and pleasant place to live.


Valéria Martin

Accounting manager

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