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To be successful in property buying, you need to optimise profitability for your rented apartment. Our property expertise will accompany you at this strategic phase in your project.

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Your successful investment in 6 steps

A well placed investment is a real source of satisfaction. That is why we are by your side.

Define your insparitions. At our first meeting, we will assess together your investment goals, refine your budget and specify the type of property that suits you best. Whether it’s buying a ‘pied à terre’ or a family inheritance investment, we will go through all the related aspects: financial profitability, long term added value potential, tax optimisation.

Certain points are important to consider, in particular if you wish to facilitate the renting your furnished property:

The right location
Properties situated in the centre of Paris are most sought after by our clientele. The preferred perimeter for furnished rented apartments : from the 1st to the 8th arrondissement, with an increasing demand for West Paris (the 9th, 16th, 17th and Place de l’Etoile). Also to be noted, the importance of proximity with the main public transport lines (RER, Lines 1 and 4).

The best value sizes
The most profitable properties are those with the most optimised spaces. Their success is due to their good value for money. Also, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are more rare on the rented property market. Therefore, they are also in great demand.

Attractive characteristics
Light, calm, peaceful apartments in decent quality buildings are the most sort after. A good initial layout makes it easier to achieve an optimal set-up. We would advise against buying a property with no elevator above the 3rd floor.

Price optimisation
In the central quarters of Paris that are favoured with our clients, there are still certain opportunities despite the general increase in prices. A property to renovate provides a great occasion to better comply to the comfort and equipment requirements for a seasonal furnished rental.

Clever equipment
Space is a rare commodity…and can be optimised! Opt, for example, for a convertible sofa bed in the living room (160cm if possible), which will allow you to house 2 extra guests, and therefore rent your property for more.

Look for a home that fits your personality. Whether you’re investing in Paris, Neuilly, Boulogne-Billancourt or Levallois Perret, the quality criteria will vary little. A pleasant building, and a recently renovated property will always be favoured by tenants. Several visits will sometimes be necessary in order to understand all aspects of the apartment : the light, the potential nuisances, the local weekend life. Even if you don’t live there, you are choosing your future home, and the decision making factors remain yours.

Once your search requirements are defined, we look for a property for you.

We first examine the potential opportunities dwithin our portfolio. Effectively, we may find the rare gem within the hive of apartments that we manage. In parallel, we activate our network of partners : individuals, estate agents…

Next, we open our search, as property hunters. We begin the process of market opportunity research, we make visits, activate our contacts that are have the potential to offer us properties “off market”. Our ability to audit a property and to estimate it’s real price comes in very useful at this stage.

Once the properties are identified, we launch an in-depth study of each. Our expert internal resources examine with their experienced eye, the town planning documents, the co-ownership regulations, the diagnostic survey reports.

Completion of the legal procedures. From the buying offer to the sale, we provide you with a 360° assistance on legalities. Proposing the right buying price and boosting your buyers profile in order to seal the deal are vital first step for success. You then need to analyse the sales contract clauses, understand the solicitor’s fee calculations, compare these on the market, and at lastly, sign a clearly explained contract. We are at your side every step of the way!

We gather all the file elements for you.

Getting hold of and analysing the diagnostics,elements held by the property management firm (if there’s a mandate for sale), and the plans from the owner…we manage all these time consuming tasks for you.

We put you in touch with our trusted contacts. We have, over the years and the many transactions, created ties of confidence with several partner solicitors. These professionals, whose professional approach and ability to listen we appreciate, are highly competent: they can accompany buyers through a wide range of situations, including in foreign languages.

You cannot travel ? We can sign the legal acts for you, by way of procuration.

Assistance with your acquisition. The questions of which legal form to adopt, and which financial strategy to follow, are 2 questions that we know like the back of our hand. We are able to guide you across interest rates, credit simulations, or insurance choices. If you wish to buy as a company, and you’re unsure of which legal form to use (SCI, Family Sarl …) we will help you ascertain what’s at stake within the various options. Lastly, in order to obtain the best bank loan with a well negotiated rate, we prepare your loan request.

We help you to anticipate the tax consequences of the legal form of the acquisition and whatever status that you might chose.

The act of renting of furnished property is usually considered a commercial activity. It is taxed in the BIC category (Industrial and Commercial Benefit) or Micro-BIC, according to your income from the rental. If your costs for 2010 were more than 50% of your rental income, it might be worth opting for a ‘Real Regime’ in order to deduct the real amount. This commercial activity as a furnished rental landlord can also be declared with a self-employed status. In this case, your rental income will not be systematically taxed this year at the incremental tax rate.

We open up to you our network of financial partners: loan and insurance brokers ; specialist brokers in financing for foreigners.

Rental Management. We have etched our expertise from what puts you off the most : rental management. Selecting the tenants, receiving the deposits, checking the insurance, inventories, repairs…all these areas are our business. We are by your side at every step and we manage every aspect of the rental for you. Our intervention scope is not limited to the properties we accompanied you to buy. A ‘pied à terre’ you already own can also be managed by Parisian Home, and thus become a source of income.

Coordination of Works. Our ‘interieur design’ team puts its knowledge at your service. Our team gathers small space virtuosos and magicians of ‘ambience’. They are at your disposal! Whether it’s for renovation or simply decoration, we are veterans with years of practice. We know how to measure the works to fit the purpose. Our pool of experts accompany you to make your apartment a comfortable ‘pied-à-terre’ and also a highly profitable investment. Parisian Home Concept is a entity entirely dedicated to this process.

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