Terms and conditions of sale

Legal framework of the contract

This furnished rental is concluded as a temporary, secondary occupancy related to the performance of a function or the occupation of a job. The premises can also be used as a temporary or tourist residence.

Under no circumstances will they be able to constitute the client’s main residence or residence. The CLIENT will not be able to engage in any commercial, artisanal or professional activities. Accordingly, the contract is governed by the provisions of Articles 1714 to 1762 of the Civil Code and by the conditions provided here which complement this legal framework.

Establishing the Contract 

Booking and payment

  1. The CLIENT makes the booking online by paying the full rental and deposit and returns the signed contract to PARISIAN HOME.
  2. For rentals lasting less than 10 days, a simple one-month pre-authorization is applied to your credit card as a deposit and is automatically cancelled within the allotted time.
  3. For rentals lasting less than one month, the CLIENT makes the reservation by returning the contract signed to PARISIAN HOME with deposit of 50% of the rental price. The balance of the booking must be paid 15 days before the date of the apartment is made available.
  4. For rentals lasting more than one month, the CLIENT must return the contract signed to PARISIAN HOME with a deposit corresponding to 50% of the price of the first month of rental. The balance of the booking, corresponding to the first month’s rent, must be paid 15 days before the date
  5. If the booking takes place less than 15 days before the date the apartment is made available, the TENANT must return the contract signed to PARISIAN HOME with the corresponding payment, namely:
  6. For stays of less than one month, the full price of the stay
  7. For stays of more than one month, the entire first month’s rental.

Confirmation by PARISIAN HOME

Within a maximum of 10 days after receiving the deposit, PARISIAN HOME by acknowledging receipt of the deposit confirms to the TENANT the availability of the apartment.

Upon receipt of the confirmation sent by PARISIAN HOME to the TENANT, the commitment of the parties becomes firm, and the deposit retained by PARISIAN HOME.

In the event of an unforeseen unavailability of the apartment initially offered to the CLIENT, PARISIAN HOME reserves the right to transfer the TENANT to another similar or higher-class apartment. PARISIAN HOME cannot guarantee a particular apartment but only an apartment of the rate category reserved by the CLIENT or a higher category.

If the rent for this new apartment is higher than originally planned, the CLIENT will not have to pay the difference.

If the rent is lower than originally agreed, PARISIAN HOME will apply the new rate and return the excess payment to the CLIENT if necessary.

In the event that the CLIENT refuses the replacement rental proposed by PARISIAN HOME, the amount paid by the CLIENT will be returned in full, to clear any sums due.

Duration and Extension, Deposit and Cancellation, Termination


The duration of the contract is freely fixed between the parties. The expiry of the lease will take place as of right on the expiry date specified in the contract, without the need for any notification.

The rental cannot be extended without the express, prior and written consent of PARISIAN HOME.

If the CLIENT wishes to extend his stay, PARISIAN HOME will offer the same apartment, provided it is available. For his part, the CLIENT will endeavour to inform PARISIAN HOME within the following deadlines and before the end of the contract originally signed:

Deposit and cancellation

Given the time it takes for each apartment to be made available, a deposit is made by the CLIENT. In case of cancellation more than a fortnight before the apartment is made available, the amount of the deposit will be withheld and retained by PARISIAN HOME.

In case of cancellation less than a fortnight before the apartment is made available, the CLIENT is liable for the total amount of the stay within the limit of one month of stay.

Contract termination during stay

For contracts of less than 2 months, the interruption of the stay with early departure does not give rise to any refund.

For contracts of over 2 months, the contract can be terminated by email or mail: By the CLIENT, at any time, by notifying PARISIAN HOME two months in advance, a period reduced to one month in case of obtaining a first job, transfer, loss of employment or new employment following a loss of employment.

Assuming that the CLIENT is subject to the sliding rate (applicable to long stays of more than 6 months) and the termination results in an overall occupancy of less than six months, PARISIAN HOME will then apply to the CLIENT the monthly rate of less than 6 months.

· By PARISIAN HOME, notifying the CLIENT at least two months before the end of the contract. In the event of a decrease in the duration of the contract, the degressive rate will be maintained. In the event of a breach or non-compliance with the obligations of this contract by the CLIENT, the resolution clause may be applied (see XI – Resolution Clause).

Expenses and benefits

Included in the price of your stay:

Not included in the price of your stay:

Security deposit

Any rental agreement requires the payment of a security deposit which will be received upon receipt by PARISIAN HOME.

Within a maximum of 15 days before the apartment is made available, the CLIENT will pay PARISIAN HOME, this security deposit with the balance due for the rental. This security deposit covers damage (deterioration, breakage, property damage, etc.) that may be caused to furniture or other property in furnished premises.

The security deposit will not generate interest and cannot, under any circumstances, replace the payment of rents.

Any damage to furniture, equipment, murals and floor must be repaired, or refunded to PARISIAN HOME, at the replacement value.

The return of the security deposit will take place within two weeks of the client’s departure and no later than the month following departure. The security deposit, (or balance) is refunded according to the client’s choice by cancellation of the CB in the case of a pre-authorization, by cheque, by transfer or by PayPal. If this method of reimbursement results in an additional cost due to postal mail or banktransfer, it will be due by the CLIENT and deducted from the security deposit.

PARISIAN HOME is not responsible for the change in the exchange rate between the date of payment of the security deposit and the reimbursement date.

Notwithstanding any damage to the premises, a sum may be used for the cleaning of the premises; The amount will be determined by the time spent by the maintenance officer at the current hourly rate.

The Deposit of Guarantee will be refunded after deducting the remaining amounts due for gas and/or electricity consumption, telephone, TV, and the special services billed and any repairs made necessary by the CLIENT in the premises. If specific services (TV channel…) are desired by the TENANT, they must be booked and paid in advance.

The return of the apartment keys at the end of the rental period will not, in any way, lead to the presumption of the apartment having been returned in a good state.


The premises must not be occupied by a greater number of people than is mentioned in the contract, without express agreement from PARISIAN HOME. Otherwise PARISIAN HOME reserves the right to claim an additional price or to deny the client access to the rented premises.

In the event of non-compliance, PARISIAN HOME reserves the right to withhold the security deposit, entirely, until the sums due are regularized, as a substitute for the rental price due.


PARISIAN HOME is insured with the companies European Travel Insurance and Thelem Insurance according to the contract No. 7904961.1420184.335, December 1, 2002 and June 1, 2010 amendment, against rental risks, liability of the tenant occupier, liability of the owner (a summary of the guarantee information is attached to this contract). This insurance is charged to the occupying tenant on the basis of 0.5% of the rent amount.

As an option, the TENANT can subscribe to a cancellation guarantee with PARISIAN HOME. The premium is set at 2.5% of the total amount of the stay.

The terms of the insurance policy are available to the tenant on request.

In the event that the contract, on an exceptional basis, is extended beyond a total period of 12 months, it will be up to the tenant to insure against rental risks and civil liability with a well-known solvent company and to justify it with PARISIAN HOME before the extension of the lease if the term extends beyond 335 nights, or risk termination of the contract. As an option, the customer can purchase this insurance from PARISIAN HOME, the amount of the premium will be calculated according to the type of apartment and its location.

Customer’s main obligations

He/She is required to:

PARISIAN HOME’s main obligations agrees to:

Criminal clause

Any delay in the payment of rent and/or supplementary services will result in a 10% increase in the amount due, without the need for a formal notice, by derogation from Article 1230 of the Civil Code.

Resolution clause

Failing to pay at the precise end of a single term or fraction of term for rent and/or any accessories and/or charges, and/or failing to comply with any of the conditions of these, and one month after a simple order to pay or a summons which has remained in whole or in part ineffective during that period, and containing a declaration by PARISIAN HOME of its intention to use apply the purpose of this clause, the lease will be terminated naturally and without formality, even in the case of payment or consignment of the sums after the latest date.

The same will be true if the CLIENT fails to adhere to any of the clauses and conditions of these, even in the case of subsequent adhesion by the CLIENT at the end of a one-month period.

If leaving the premises were refused, a summary order issued by the President of the Courts of the district where the rented building is located, the reference is this case, would suffice, to compel departure without delay.

Any offer of payment or adhesion to requirements after the above deadlines will be deemed null and void and will not stand in the way of termination and expulsion as PARISIAN HOME sees fit.

All procedural costs (including bailiffs and lawyers’ fees and costs), prosecution or precautionary measures will be borne by the CLIENT and will be charged as part of the final amount due by the CLIENT.

In the event that, after the termination of the lease, the premises are not returned to PARISIAN HOME on the agreed day, free of any occupation and equipment, the occupancy fee owed by the CLIENT or its rightholders until the actual return of the premises, will be equivalent to the last rent paid, plus 50% in addition to the Residency Tax and charges, independently of any other damages.

The above clause is expressly agreed and accepted by the parties. It expresses the will of the parties, and constitutes an express departure from the last paragraph of Article 1184 of the Civil Code. This clause will therefore have to be rigorously enforced by the parties whose legislation it forms under section 1134 of the Civil Code.

Inventory of furniture, Inventory and Presentation of the Apartment

For contracts of less than 3 months:

The detailed inventory of the furniture and the condition of the premises must be established between the parties without contradiction. They will be provided by PARISIAN HOME on the day the apartment is made available and must be returned duly signed and initialed no later than 48 hours after the apartment is made available.

Upon arrival on site, the CLIENT has two days to challenge the terms of the inventory of the furniture and the condition of the premises signed by sending the PARISIAN HOME company, an email, with proof of reading, a recorded delivery letter or a hand given letter mentioning the anomalies or missing items found.

The CLIENT is obliged to let PARISIAN HOME check that no objects or furniture are missing as well as the condition of the apartment.

In the absence of any disagreement within the specified time frame and the above framework, the CLIENT will be deemed to have agreed to the furniture and appartment inventory provided by the PARISIAN HOME company and therefore will not be able to make any further claims.

For leases or more than 3 months:

An joint inventory will be carried out between the parties, within 48 hours the accommodation being made available.

The apartment is described on the PARISIAN HOME website. This presentation includes photographs, texts and a list of equipment. Surface indications are not measured by the so-called “Carrez Act” and therefore have no contractual value. They are given as an indication. PARISIAN HOME is not held responsible for them and cannot guarantee them. The decoration and amenities of the apartment can change over time without the photos on the PARISIAN HOME website being updated. PARISIAN HOME cannot guarantee the decoration or availability of any particular equipment.

The CLIENT is obliged to allow PARISIAN HOME to check that objects or furniture are not missing.

The nature of the present

This contract granted to the CLIENT is a sublease granted by the PARISIAN HOME company, the owner’s principal tenant.

An specific agreement, this contract does not fall under the legal regime of residential leases (as defined by the law of July 6, 1989). It is not subject to the status of commercial leases and subleases (Article 145-1 to 145-65 of the Code of Commerce) or to that of furnished rentals covered by sections L632-1 of the Building and Housing Code.

This contract is subject to the rules governing the parties under an exclusive civil lease of any concept of principal residence, permanent residence, commercial or otherwise.

Accordingly, this contract is subject to the full agreement of the parties and the provisions of the Civil Code (Articles 1714 to 1762).

Election of Residency, jurisdiction in case of dispute

For the execution of this contract, the parties elect residency at their respective addresses indicated here, and in the event of a dispute over the interpretation or execution of these, they assign jurisdiction to the civil courts of the headquarters of PARISIAN HOME.