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Located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, very popular with walkers, there is an atmosphere of the past in this neighborhood. It was once a winegrowers’ village, and the rue Saint-Blaise bears witness to this: the first section of this street has been preserved from the upheavals of the neighborhood and offers a nice view of this former village, of which it was the main street.

Attached to Paris since 1859, Charonne is today a neighborhood where social housing, artisans’ premises and townhouses with workshop-style windows at the end of cobbled dead ends are concentrated. Going up the rue de la Réunion you will find the Pierre-Emmanuel natural garden. Created in 1996, this 6,500 square meter garden offers the opportunity to discover a flora unknown to the general public. It is located next to the largest green space in Paris and the famous Père Lachaise cemetery.

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