Quinze-Vingts – 6 appartments

Stretching from the Place de la Bastille to the intersection of rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine and rue de Chaligny, the Quinze-Vingts district takes its name from the Hospital des Quinze-Vingts located at 28 rue Charenton, so named because it had 300 beds, or fifteen times twenty beds at its creation in the 13th century. Near the Seine river stands the emblematic Gare de Lyon and its high clock tower of 67 meters! You might enjoy a look at the rue de Crémieux known for its colorful buildings, green at no. 21, blue at no. 22, purple at no. 23, yellow at no. 24 …

Going up the rue de Lyon, you will find the Viaduc des Arts. This former viaduct built in 1859 is today a prestigious showcase of French know-how and brings together all sorts of craft workshops from jewelry, theater decoration or contemporary furniture. It extends along avenue Daumesnil, from number 1 to 129. How about soaking up the friendly buzz of the Aligre market: every day, with the exception of Monday, locals but also regulars from further afield gather here. Here people strike up lively conversations as they drink coffees and glasses of white wine on the terraces of the bars that border the square.

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