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Located in the 15th district of Paris, in front of the Seine, the Beaugrenelle district is a remarkable model of the post-Corbusian slab architecture of the 1970s. Its urban and modern landscape is shaped by high buildings with glass walls offering an unobstructed view of the capital, it is popular with families and recognizable among all thanks to its aerial metro line.

This district offers a large complex of shops and cinemas on the banks of the Seine. For those who like it, you can take a ride on the Ballon de Paris and enjoy the view of the capital and much more. Finally, you can’t get enough of the green promenade of the petite ceinture where you can observe a unique landscape of the city with its singular biodiversity for more than 1km. To see in this district: the point of Grenelle, the shopping center of Beaugrenelle, the seine.

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